I hope you will find we share similar interests and hopes for Richland as you explore my web page.

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Why I’m Running

I will put my skills to use representing and mobilizing residents to create a vision that will make Richland the most attractive, people friendly city in the Mid-Columbia.  I’ll seek opportunities to work with diverse groups of people and organizations to chart Richland’s course.


Richland’s Manhattan Project role created a culture of secrecy and exclusion. Let’s turn a new page and build a community that values diversity. We can build an inclusive community by addressing discrimination, socioeconomic divisions, and racism and creating opportunities to engage community members across cultures:

  • Building community partnerships
  • Listening and honoring the experience of residents, old and new
  • Celebrating many cultures and traditions through festivals and fairs
  • Support newcomers
    • Offer language and citizenship classes through community classes, etc.

Support to Local Business

Affordable commercial properties are few and far between. I will actively work with residents, businesses, developers and property owners to create multi-purpose neighborhood centers, and reinvigorate downtown between Lee and Van Giesen. Things that could help:

  • Community-owned broadband
  • Incentives for energy upgrades on commercial properties
  • Looking for ways to bring businesses together to look for things they could do together to benefit from scaling up
  • Exploring graduated fee structure for first time businesses
  • Seeking creative ways to finance downtown projects
    • local-option funding or incentives to encourage private investment
  • Partnerships to support the arts and cultural venues

Community Engagement

In addition to ensuring people are invited to participate, I’ll ensure we start offering more ways to interact through the internet.  Also I’ll make sure information is shared in places, and during times when people are already coming together.  Ideas may include:

  • Planning booth with info available at existing public events like Live@5
  • Using Poll Anywhere (or similar) to get real-time feedback during presentations by council or staff
  • Occasional info booth staffed at the library during regular library hours.

Partnering for Progress

People have lots of great ideas of what Richland should look like, be, or do… From entryways to dog parks, to recycling.  But many people don’t want to pay for the cost of ‘more’.  Let’s work together to beautify and improve the City.  

  • Community beautification projects that are city supported, but lead by neighborhood volunteers or local non-profits
  • Volunteers in parks, helping with recycling, education, etc.
  • Plant salvage and habitat restoration teams

Economic Development & Corporate Recruitment

Corporations that assign equal consideration to people, place and profit know it’s good for business. Local researchers and businesses do some of the most innovative work in the nation relating to clean fuels, energy conservation, smart grids, waste reduction,  etc.

  • Recruit companies that will expand those technologies transitioning from environmental cleanup at Hanford to green jobs across the region
  • Actively seek B Corporations and those adhering to the CERES principles for relocation
    • Bring a company that uses glass in its products to capture wine bottle waste

Sustainable Richland

Don’t be afraid to be green!  What if Richland became the greenest city in the inland northwest?  Could we counteract the negative impression outsiders have because of Hanford? Even conservative cities like Salt Lake and Albuquerque boldly embrace goals to protect their quality of life and shared resources. Richland should implement sustainable practices in operations in new facilities and retrofits.

  • Smart, careful growth that avoids sprawl and need for excessive infrastructure expansion
  • Work with US Dept. of Energy to honor their sustainability goals, and get single-occupancy drivers off Richland roads.
  • Support and partner with Ben Franklin Transit to improve routes and build bus stop shelters (and make them artsy while we’re at it!)
  • Transition to community solar and wind, replacing coal portion of energy mix (10%)
    • Instal solar on city facilities, solar parking shades, Bypass wall, etc.
  • Transition to electric or hybrid fleet vehicles
  • LED retrofits on city lighting
  • Plan for decreasing water budgets
    • Install gray water infrastructure to irrigate public landscaping, encourage developers to do the same
    • Low water landscaping / natives

Vibrant Neighborhoods 

Richland’s neighborhoods must be places where families can afford to live, children are safe to roam, and residents can easily connect with local businesses, schools, and jobs. Supporting walking and cycling infrastructure and welcoming transit should be a priority.

  • Plant trees paying attention to placement and care for shade and energy savings city-wide
  • Encourage smart urban development and support projects that meet our city’s vision of a pedestrian friendly livability
  • Seek ways to integrate commercial activity, community centers, and public parks in neighborhoods throughout Richland
  • Work with families and Richland schools get kids and caregivers out of cars!

But we can’t just focus on Richland —

We don’t need to ‘merge’ we just need to partner. Local posturing and trying to out-do eachother ends up hurting all Tri-Citizens. We must look for more opportunities for partnerships and cross pollination. We need a proper performing arts center and public year-round aquatic center. It doesn’t matter which city they land in, because we are all Tri-Citizens and will all benefit. I will work aggressively to develop a regional funding mechanism / agency to fund this critical infrastructure.

Did you know that Portland Metro, the agency that manages the Portland Zoo, brings together 29 cities and three counties to plan and pay for infrastructure and services that benefit people across the Portland area? Not just the zoo, but transit and parks too.